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Pfeffernüsse Cookies

Pfeffernuss cookies are seasonal.
We typically only make them November-January.
Please check back in November.

Pfeffernuesse Cookies

The word Pfeffernuesse (peppernuts) hints that this cookie contains a small amount of black pepper. It is a very old German custom to bake a big bowl full of this treat and serve it during family gatherings. This cookie, like springerle, have the tendancy to get hard over time, therefore, many people enjoy this cookie by giving it a quick dunk in their wine or coffee. There are numerous recipes for this cookie and lately the big commercial cookie factories just use a lebkuchen dough and glaze it for better eye appeal. We use only the finest ingredients such as fresh eggs, cake flour, butter, confectioners sugar, vanilla bean, assorted spices and flavors, last but not least, a touch of black pepper then dusted with powdered sugar.
We hope that this unusual cookie meets your approval and enjoyment.

Combo Order
If you like a little variety, you can now get your cookies in a combo pack. Choose from 4 Combo options (2 lb. combo is $25.90 plus s/h and the 3 lb. combo is $38.85 plus s/h)


Pfeffernüsse are as German as cookies get. Spicy like Lebkuchen, firm like Springerle, these cookies come from what the German's call the "Oma Zeit," the grandmother's time. Traditionally, hard cookies like Pfeffernüsse were meant to be dunked into wine during a long session of visiting and cookie eating. Our Pfeffernüsse are crunchy, spicy cookies with a hint of black pepper inside and a dusting of powdered sugar coating the outside. Yummy!


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