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The history of our bakery and restaurant goes back to 1968 when I found an empty store on Pendleton Pike in Indianapolis. The store is in close proximity to Fort Harrison, where I served two years in the U.S. military. I decided right then and there that I would open a German bakery and cafe here in Indianapolis.

Over the last 45 years we enlarged our store four times and out of our original little bakery became a German "General Store" Today we carry German groceries, gifts, wood carvings, Hummel figurines, German magazines, beer steins, German chocolates, nesting dolls, German porcelain, and hundreds of other German items. My philosophy always was to stay relatively small, to provide high quality products, and make my customers happy. We do not take any wholesale orders and also try to stay as much German as we can. For this reason, we do not make any donuts, pies, muffins, etc. Our bakery has become also known nationwide for our famous springerle cookies. We even have been featured for three years on the Food Network. That was really nice.

The Heidelberg Haus has been very successful and after 45 years in the baking and retail business our customers are still very much in love with our family run store. We hope to keep the German bakery, cafe, and restaurant open for many, many more years. We have now our daughters and son-in-law training in the fine art of German baking and running a family owned business in Indianapolis/Lawrence.

It's the place where customers send their friends.

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