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The Heidelberg Haus has been featured
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See what over 200
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See what over 200
wrote about
the Heidelberg!!



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Store Hours (EST):

Tuesday thru Friday 8:30am to 7:00pm
Saturday 8:30am to 5:00pm
Sunday 11:00am to 5:00pm
Kitchen closes 30 minutes prior
to store closing.

The Heidelberg Haus Cafe, Bakery
and Giftshop will be
closed on the
following holidays:
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Mother's Day
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Race Day
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See what over 200
wrote about
the Heidelberg!!

The Heidelberg Haus has been featured
several times
on the Food Finds television program
on the Food Network!

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See what over 200
wrote about
the Heidelberg!!

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A few words from our customers:

See for yourself what some of our customers had to say about us...

Keep up the good work. I love your bakery and miss it since moving to CA. But love ordering and receiving my favorites.
Vickie W.

Look forward to getting these cookies every year. It is a special treat for me :)
Michael F.

My second order to you in 2 weeks. The best Springerle cookies EVER !! ;-)
Richard M.

Nothing like receiving your package first thing Monday morning. The smell when opening the box is pretty amazing, and a great way to start the week.
Thank you for a fine set of products, and a friendly attitude.
Now, if I can just keep my hands off the cookies for a while.
Best of the holidays.

When I was growing up, every year at Christmas my mother would make springerle, pfeffernusse, and lebkuchen cookies. I am the youngest, and she continued to do this even after we all left home until I was well into my mid to late 20's. She is 91 now (I am 53), and we have not had the springerle for many many years. My sister, who did not work, sometimes made the other two, but nobody had the time to invest in making the springerle. I was excited when I saw your web site and I ordered a bunch of them to share with not only my family, but my friends. They are exactly like my mother's, and they brought my childhood Christmas back to me the minute I opened the box and smelled them. I have already sent some to my mother and brother, and we will have the rest when we gather for Christmas (if I haven't eaten them all by then). Thank you for making the true authentic recipe that we love. I was worried they would not be the same, but I would not be able to tell the difference between yours and my mother's. You have made our family very happy, and I'm sure that ordering these cookies from you will become a yearly tradition. Next year I will try your pfeffernusse as well.

Thank you so much for getting my Springerles to me sooooo quickly. They are yummy and they do help me to keep my mom's memory living at Christmas!!!! I will be ordering next year for sure!!!!!!

Dear Juergan ;
I have to tell you this story .
When a small child A Dear Aunt took me to a bakery and I was allowed to choose any pastry .Some how the cookies with pictures on them in a big glass jar intriqued me and they smelled so good I fell in love with them , but then forgot about them untill I became a cook and saw a recipe for springerle --- they were tasty but not quite the same as these I remember from my childhood .
I discovered your bakery on line a year or so ago and was thrilled to find the real thing again
it has been at least 70 years since I first tasted springerle cookies .
I served them last year to grandkids and great grandkids ---they loved them they will now be a part of our Christmas cookie tradition the other favorite are Hungarian walnut butter horns , on my husbands side, the German cookies on my side .
I am so happy I found you .
Sincerely Betty

As usual, your Christmas cookies were the hit of my family gathering, varieties which folks with a German background appreciate, and those not familiar with them end up loving.
Everything about doing business with you -- the stickers on the shipping box, the enclosed Christmas card, info on the origin of the cookies -- all are the way I wish all artisans would offer their product.

Best of the holidays to all of you!

One of my favorite restaurants since I was about 10 years old! I can happily say that opinion has not changed in all these years. I have been searching for the perfect wedding cake maker and low and behold it is my old favorite restaurant. I tried some cakes that literally were three times the cost of Heidelberg's and not nearly as good. Whether it is lunch or dinner or one of their great baked goods, Heidelberg never let's me down.


Thank you so much for all you did with our wedding cake. We enjoyed it very much!
You were very helpful!

Anna & Makoto

Thank you so much for this years batch of delicious springerle cookies. They have such a delightful and memorable taste. Everyone enjoyed them and we want to carry on this German/Austrian tradition. And thank you for enclosing your lovely Christmas card and greeting! It was appreciated.
Shirley J.

This is the third year we have ordered cookies and stollen from you and we usually place two orders every year because we eat the first order before Chrismas! Everything is always fresh and beyond delicious, but this year you’ve really outdone yourselves. The cookies have been absolutely heavenly! Thank you so much for adding a wonderful tradition to our Christmas holiday

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for the Springerle.
Dear Mr. Jungbauer,
Not often that I write a thank you for cookies, but I just wanted to let you know how we appreciated the Springerle Cookies.
I'm 74 and haven't tasted them since my German aunt introduced me to them when I was 5 or 6 years old. We received a 3 lb. box apiece from you in time for Christmas and my daughter and grandsons enjoyed them ALMOST as much as I did.
My only regret is having to wait a whole year to enjoy them again. Anyway, thank you so much for these delicious memories of yesterday. There were other "hard" cookies I also remember, the santa's with the figures of santa pasted on them and the Lebkuchen (spice bars I think).
Please le me know if you make and ship any other varieties throughout the year. We'd love to order some if you do. Otherwise, God willing, I will be your best customer for next Christmas.
Wishing you a healthy new yeear. Thank you very muchg. Springerle? What a lovely treat!
Evelyn, New Jersey

George: The door bell rang and when I reached the door the post women handed me MY box of those anise decorated morsels . I felt like I was back in LAFAYETTE on Schyler Ave when visiting Grandma Krieg as I raced to the kitchen to get that wonderful smell of baked anise. Grandma’s were the German style from the old country. Baked in November, put in a shoe box and left to harden, to be eaten close to Christmas. Those aged morsels were a 20 minute sucker without the stick. Today, one consumes more than A HALF DOZEN to get the Springerle fix in the same time. Thanks for the memories… Priceless….. David K-Dubuque, Iowa…

Just received my Springerle cookie order & WOW they're great. What a great idea to also make cherry flavored!
My mom used to make springerle cookies when we were kids in the 40s and 50s. We sure had fun taking turns cutting them apart after mom rolled them out. After she passed away in December 2008 (at 100 &4 months old)and we were dividing things, one of the things I selected was her Springerle Rolling Pin.
This past Christmas, as a memorabilia gift to my sisters, I researched how to make ornaments using the rolling pin.
William G., Inverness, IL

My order of cookies arrived today! Oh yah, das ist goot!
sorry--I didn't learn much German--but my grandfather taught me to swear fluently in both German and Russian and it serves a wonderful purpose when needed! (My people were Volga German)

My mailman brought the box to my door, with a big smile on his face--he recognized the smell and knows I will share with him!!!

They are as good as my mom and my aunt's! But they are prettier designs! Do you sell the cookie molds in your gift shop? I think I need to buy some to hang on my wall--but it can be after Christmas. I know you are busy right now!

Just know that there are happy, happy smiles on someone's face in Lincoln, Nebraska!

Froehliche Weihnachten!!!! Susie T

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy your springerle and pfeffernusse. My great-grandparents came to this country in the 1800's and opened a German bakery in a German neighborhood of Philadelphia. My childhood was filled with delicious baked goods, especially at Christmas. My grandmother made stollen every year (it was a family project) and my sister continues to make it from the original recipe. I made springerle and pfeffernusse until my children were grown and I stopped making them. It didn't seem like Christmas without them. I was delighted to find your web site since they cannot be bought where I live. They are every bit as good as those my grandmother made and now it seems like Christmas again.


Yummmmmmmm good, I don't make them anymore since I've had yours, toooooo much work for me, have made them for 45 yrs!! Barbara

The cookies have arrived!!!
And ach, they are so gute! What wonderful memories they bring to my heart. They are treasures. My mom, my "auntie" next door and I would make German springerles together. The ladies would do all the work; I helped! I carried the cookies to the dining room table and counted them. I also got to help sift powdered sugar! When I was older I got to beat the egg yolks and other wonderful ingredients until they were a lemon color! After Auntie Marion passed away we made them a few times, but then my mom was diagnosed with the gluten intolerance. No more flour; rye flour; barley. No more homemade rye bread, noodles, dinnakuchen or all of her wonderful cookies.
The smell of them coming out of the box? Pure heaven to a cookie-aholic. And the cherry ones are good, too! And the pfeffernuse! Oh, what wonderfulness! And to think I found your web site by the funny thought -- I wonder if anyone sells springerles -- or if anyone knows what they are? Now I know it was not a funny thought but fate!
Are you able to ship your brats, brown mustard, other deliciousness? Know that I will be ordering more cookies more often. Or do you make them only at Christmas time?
Thank you for making my heart happy. Keep well and Merry Christmas!
Susie T. by e-mail

Thank you so very much!!
I had ordered a gift for an old gentlemen who works for our company, and certainly had not allowed sufficient time for cookies to be made and shipped I was sure. But make them and ship them you did!!! They arrived at the shop this afternoon and I have never seen more joy on someone’s face over anything I have ever given than I saw today. He was as excited as any child with a brand new toy. Just wanted you to know of the pleasure you were able to provide for both of us. I hope I have further opportunities to order from you. Again THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
- Judy from Canal Winchester, OH

Thank you very much, your cookies are the best part of my holiday season!!!
- Laura from Quakertown, PA

I want to thank you for your wonderful springerle cookies that I ordered recently for my mother. Every Christmas she always made these cookies, but do to age and arthritis she has been unable to. When we opened the cookies she was so happy. Thank you for bringing back my childhood Christmas and hers.
- Eileen from Annadale, NJ

Springerle order received. Delicious!!!
Merry Christmas.
- Tony from Sun City Center, FL

Thank you. They're well worth waiting for. This is my second order this
season. Regards, Jim Fabris
- Jim from Tiberon, CA

The Happy Baker-
I just received the Springerle I ordered and could not resist tasting one as soon as I opened the box. They are absolutely wonderful! I have never had anything quite like it before. The flavor and texture are superb! I know my family will enjoy them very much. Merry Christmas and have a Happy Healthy New Year!
- Mary from Almont, MI

The cookies are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!
Happy Holidays!
- Susan and Family from Elwin, PA

I had seen the segment on the Springerle cookies on the food network and quickly ran to my computer to order them. I have just received the cookies and they have brought back wonderful memories of my childhood. My father was Swiss and this was his favorite cookie. My mother would bake them every Christmas. My parents are now deceased for many years, but as a child I remember begging my mother to make Springerle. After her passing I found her rolling pin for the springerle, but never found her recipe. I thought this memory was lost forever. I was so excited to receive the cookies and upon opening the package I could smell that familiar smell of better days gone by. They are simply wonderful. Thank you for bringing back this wonderful holiday tradition for me that I thought was gone forever.
- Francine from North Haledon, NJ

I just received the Springerle cookies I ordered a week ago and they are delicious!!! The smell of the anise is intoxicating! I never had this type of cookie before, but now I’m hooked and will be ordering them again next year! I recommended them to several of my friends who also placed orders.
I’m so glad I was watching the Food Network and saw how you make these – it’s very interesting. Thank you for such a wonderful product!
Happy Holidays!
- Elaine from Yardley, PA

Thank you very much! I received my Springerle today. EXCELLENT!
My mom came over for tea today we had springerle from the German
Bakery and they don’t compare to yours. DELICIOUS!
- SHARON from Bristol, PA

The cookies arrived safely in the mail yesterday and my two youngest grandsons (4 and 1) sat down with a glass of milk and enjoyed a few. Thank you they are very good. The boys loved them too.
Will order more next Christmas.
Thanks again
- Ellen from Thonotosassa, FL

The springerle cookies arrived in great shape and are absolutely delicious. Thank you so much!!
Merry Christmas
- Sheryl from Weatherford, OK

THANK YOU I received the Springerle cookies today, we sampled them, they are delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Barbara from Westwood, NJ

You are wonderful. Thank you again for the fabulous cookies and the fantastic customer service.
- Jane from Littleton, CO

Wanted to let you know I received the Springerle on
Friday...YUM. Thanks so much, they are wonderful!
- Jeanette from Bronson, FL

We received our Springerle Cookies today in the mail and I had to write and tell you these are the BEST EVER. It brings warm and fond memories of going to my Grandmother Baumann's house in Detroit MI. for the Holidays and she would bake Springerle Cookies ahead for us kids. They would get hard as a rock after a while but that did not stop us kids from munching them till they were all but gone. THANK YOU SO MUCH for keeping your Baking Philosophy and all your hard work in making one of the Best cookies ever, your the BEST. We will be ordering again.
- Paul and Diane from Houghton Lake, MI

Thank you! Appreciate your wonderful cookies and the memories they bring.
Happy Holidays!
- Diana from Danville, CA

We received our Springerle cookies yesterday and I wanted to say
impressed I am! My grandmother used to make them every Christmas until
she got sick and passed away in 2000. Your cookies take me back to those
Thank you for such a wonderful treat!
- Dana from Saginaw, MI

Your cookies are as springerle should be, and are certainly better than the attempts my mother and I have make to bake our own, which turn out very hard. Add your devotion to many mold types and the cost of others available on the internet (one Philadelphia baker asks $43 for the same weight), and you provide the winning combination of best product at the best price.
Best of the holidays to all of you.
- Dale from Lake Oswego, OR

Ihre Plätzchen sind unbedingt wunderbar. Ich habe nur sie heute und schon sind gegangen durch mehrere Säcke empfangen. Ich habe nur einen anderen 8 Pfund angeordnet.
Vielen Dank
P. S. Es bringt große Erinnerungen von meinem Armee Dienst in Heidelberg Deutschland zurück.
In case no one reads German…. I think the cookies are great. I just ordered another 8 pounds. It reminds me of my Army service in Heidelberg, Germany.
- Dave from Overland Park, KS

all I can say is WOW!
- Nancy from Oakhill, VA

Thank you for the delicious Springerle cookies. My German grandmother used
to bake them and your cookies reminded me of Mom at Christmas baking the
cookies. I passed your number to my neighbor who also loved the cookies.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!
- Dottie from Walkersville, MD

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